Monday, June 18, 2012


Broken Windows, Broken Lights
Little men full of fright

Hollow dreams, Hollow Nights
Most I forget, empty fights

Some wishes, empty hope
Little children, full of dope

Crazy society, blur vision
Justice's case, pending decision

Plenty of Food, no one merry
Waiting and Waiting, western ferry

Wooden Bridge, many cars
Ill choices, Scars and Scars

Thursday, June 7, 2012


And once again came the rain
Washing away my heart's stain
And some wounds from her dart
Inducing random greenish art

The Garden became clean and Green
Happy again once lonely Queen
Winds of change from East to West
Talking clouds coming to rest

Thunder and Thor, started talking
Time like always running and clocking

Thanks a Million to one Creator
Washing earth, and
Making trees...

Monday, June 4, 2012


Pseudo random million choices
Devil only threw the dices

Gambling for one million more souls
Wishing army of few more ghouls

Wishing for the wildest of Queens
Which even haunted him in Dreams

Always tiring for the best match
Ill and Cursed were his catch

But the Lord never sleep
and does always Peep

The wishes of devil
He had to keep

One or Three, 1000 free
They just work in Harmony

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Whole world is your home
Not some stinky shiny dome

Rushing waters, morning skies
Only humans make you cry

Children of earth ain't all we were
But Greed, Lust and Bewitched her

Research, Evolution, This age of Information
Curse Curse and Hollow Education...

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Salty water in the eyes
Ravens Ravens till the skies

wishes and wishes piled up high
enchained souls, hollow cry

Lies Lies, sweet coated lies
Angelic silence, Demonic cries

Friday, June 1, 2012


Anxiety Anxiety
Oh false deity
I was born
in this society

where good people die
and poor children cry
for simple things
like food and water

where no ones safe
unless they rule
why this dirty
disgusting rule?

where no ones cares
and everyone dares
all she is
is someone's daughter

where truth is hard
a bunch of lies
coated in wrapping
veiled Satan and clapping

but night will go
this land will glow
the light of faith
it will show

faith in truth
and faith in passion

compassion compassion
compassion, compassion...


When he was tired pondering on fate
Sleep found him and ended his wait
and the dreams came and go
like the fairer maiden and her gait

the rattle snake and a butterfly
were both beside his pillow awake
playing together her and snake
were just there for the lullaby's sake

then, in his dream he had a dream
of a Queen distressed and broken
her eyes were pink and dress was green
her forehead had a distinct gleam

and it suddenly started raining
the snake and butterfly started complaining
but the God said let it rain
as the sleeper had his own share of pain

and the sun came and no more rain
and his dream was shattered again
and the Queen jumped and he, after
and no one heard their final laughter...


I was no one
I was no one

I couldn't run

You taught me once
and I went far
Chasing that gold black car

In the chase
I found ill ways
To keep myself from light and days

And I was near
So very near
The chase was about to end the fear

But you didn't want
me so far
running after the gold black car

so you gave a shout
but I didn't hear
the coming night I didn't fear

I was no one
I was no one

But I could run

and you called again
and I fell down
breaking that fake old crown

the car was gone
and I was alone
like once again, black was my bane

and I sat down
on the ground
counting my footsteps, and distant lights

and I didn't run
no never again
so your call, will not be in vain

Just once again
Please once again...