Wednesday, May 30, 2012


On a summer sleepless night
dreaming random endless fright

turning around countless sides
trying to sleep, eyes open wide

gasping in the pillows cover
shredding tears over and over

memories memories and memories
sorrows, blackness and tragedies

worshiping trees and forgetting God
little ones once fearlessly trod

none to one and one to none
how many morphlings should I shun?

run run and faster I run
the echoes came and I am done.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


In the plane of souls
we met and promised some goals
we met souls and mates
we chose and were chosen

Then we were lost
in dust and frost
the land was cold
in evil's hold

The stage was set
the test was hard
the devil bet
an Indigo card

and I was lost
gasping in frost
but the souls came
the kind and unnamed

And I saw clouds
and I saw rain
washing away the
devil's frame

and world was simple
once again
and crowd was silent
in his name

Monday, May 28, 2012

They ~ Parents

Guest post by "Jhakki"

They tell me when to get up and when to go to bed,
They tell me what colors to wear, orange, blue or red,

They put my breakfast into my mouth and lunch box in my bag,
And tell me how to walk and talk and bid me not to rag,

They tell me not to call my friends unless it’s really urgent,
They tell me to have a short conversation, only about the important,

They tell me when to just sit back and when to smile and play,
And when to keep it quiet and when to say my say,

They tell me how to take up life and when to let it go,
And when to give my consent and when to just say no,

I wish to God, there would ever arrive, such a “free-will day”,
That I may call “my very own” and do anything that I may,

But then a brain wave crosses my mind and fills my soul with fears,
And a silent prayer arises and cuts my heart like shears,

I pray to God that never should such an unworthy day go by,
When they are not there for me, or else that I should die!!

Rotten Empire

Guest post by "Jhakki"

The cold white walls
Like a cinema screen
Images flicker on
And I'm the Queen.

Lambs rush about
As the King falls down
Rubies embossed on their foreheads
...and there goes the crown!

The snakes slither on
Upon my forgotten Empire
As pure as gold
After the hibernation fire.

The dogs mate horses
And cows have foals
Spring is ripening
My Empire grows...

Darkness wans
As "tom-thumbs" charmed
Play tug-of-war
To amuse the Queen.

The high moth-eaten walls
The rich rotten food
The flourishing times
Magnificently screwed.

The brown lake shimmers
Outside the royal slums
The sun shines brightly
And the Queen jumps...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


In the time of creed
and some random greed
her faith was strong
in the time of need

and looking at her
he planted a seed
still knowing not
what she need

and then it blew
the summer wind
and the seed didn't grew
more care it need

he became tired
tried all tricks
and collected some sticks
and mortar and bricks

but she didn't care
forgot his stare
on her stair
she brushed her hair

and the seed went dry
and the plants cry
just tell me why
just tell me why...

Sunday, May 6, 2012


And in the May
The Mayans say
you could not say
your ugly will
they don't want
the "Dismay"

And they will slaughter
Someone's daughter
So they can predict
The higher order

The will of willow
Who will hear?
The wrath of God
Who will fear?

The Mermaid's tear
The Mermaid's tear

The curse of fear
Will you not fear?


The plants and trees
were finally free
The birds had died
no sympathy

The blue race
The single tree
Couldn't hold
Burden's grace

And in the depth
they will mine
They call "mine"

But they won't find
A single kind
Of the precious
As it's not

Thursday, May 3, 2012


And in this moment of rude awakening
He suddenly realized the truth

Silently gasping over the hurt
He remembered that truth will hurt

No matter what time it is
No matter whose dime it is
No matter how happy he is
No matter how rainy it is

No matter anything at all
Just someone growing tall