Tuesday, March 27, 2012


And then came thunder
We sat in wonder

The rain didn't stop
On the sorrow crop

Sad is the farmer
Lost in charmer

I told him Sleep
better not to weep

who will hear
the hour is late
tis a little game
of unforgiving fate...


Wake up,
Open your eyes
See the world,
in its beautiful Disguise
Watch your step,
follow the Sanity
Wont grab it,
try 100 more tries

And In the end,
you'll try to mend
but no more luck,
and memories will Rend
say 1 2 3,
wish you were free
but could it be?
No find that tree!

And again I wish
I could change
some simple things
that I find strange
but in this age
and her gifted rage
its hard to melt
seven mimes on stage

And soon they say
I'll lose the day
and maybe I will
why follow my will?
It crushed him
and he wept again,
in this sorrow
he slept again

Then I woke up,
and opened my eyes
saw the black ocean,
in it's beautiful Disguise
and beneath it lived
a society so ill

I lost my will...
I tried to breathe,
and I lost my will...