Monday, September 21, 2015

ادھوری کہانی

اک ادھوری کہانی، غمِ حیات ٹھری 
وقت بیت گیا سب، کسی سوچ میں گہری

سکوں آیا تھا ہاں، کچھ پل کے لیے
جیے پھر ہم بھی، چند پل کے لیے

مگر تھا یہ لکھا، نصیبوں نے ہمارے
ہم سلگتے رہین یونہی، کسی تنہا کنارے

یونہی عمر گزری، سسکتے سسکاتے
بھلا غم اتنے گہرے، ہم کیسے چھپاتے

پھر شام ھوئ، پھر اداسی پھر اندھیرا 
پھر سانس رکی، اور اداسی اور اندھیرا...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Circle of Life

Things, we never had
will always make us sad
and things, we wanted
then once granted
lose their chime
over time....

Thursday, August 1, 2013


And in the night
when light fade
and shadows cascade

the land of dream
when soul takes flight
to see those distant
shadows in light

our rotting march
on the creaking arch
where we see hope
and it is born
just to be shattered
as if it mattered

another gash
opening our wounds
so that the light
may enter

Thursday, February 7, 2013


It's been an year now
but the stillness is same, somehow

I was alive but was lost
dying slowly, paying the cost

then I went and talked to God
He smiled back and gave a nod

I told him my sufferings
and my heart was yearning

and I heard him back
a visible track

I felt him near
and feared his spear

and prayed on his hand
in a mystic land

it was a new life
I started to see
I knew that moment
Who I meant to be

with open eyes
The things made sense
I fond my way
through the forest once dense

But I gave it all
and took another fall

and it's been an year now
but the stillness is same, somehow


And burn in disgrace
for that embrace
and light the cigarette
and pay your filthy debt

And you will cry
the tears will fly
no matter how you try
can't summon the sky

And I know how it felt
the day you knelt
with your shiny belt
and your heart did melt

And alone you are again
with this agonizing pain
some hopes got slain
here and there again...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And my life

And my life
Has long been haunted by stillness
For so long now
That i don't remember living
Even the leaves are ignoring the dance to the winds
Unless they have to fall....
I've tried to run away
But always stopped by this wall

And my life
Asks, What should you wake up for?
to witness the same stillness?
When everydays the same
You find reasons to smile
Look alive for a while
But the stillness comes again
And then the leaves fall....

And my life
Continues to burden me
Till the midnight comes
And i sleep to the whispers
Then i wake up again
And my life is the same....
All the leaves which had to fall..

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Help me God please end this pain
Whatever I do it's all in vain
My wishes my hopes all but slain
I need some help to stand again...

All seems lost, even the hope
never ending depressing slope
strangling me this thorny rope
this misery I can barely cope...

but sometimes the light makes way
and I can breathe and hopes stay
but again i feel like rotting clay
Oh end my life God, that's all I pray...